kartik-sharma-aniruddha-dct-bangalore-iit-khargpurOla Amigos! Today we present to you, a feature interview of Kartik Sharma. Kartik Sharma is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus. After successfully trying his hands in various domains, he received his ‘higher calling’ to build his own start-up. Zapped by the entrepreneurial bug, he wanted to build a product on his own for his company. However, due to no prior coding experience, he decided to turn to DCT Academy to learn Ruby on Rails and master programming. Let us hear more about his journey.

Hey Kartik, could you tell us something about yourself?

Sure! After graduation,. For the initial two years I worked in manufacturing industry, for the next two years I worked for a private university in strategy and digital marketing divisions and finally I worked in a recruitment start-up for a year. After that, I decide to start my own start up and currently I run a company called Zuplr.

Can you tell me something more about your start-up?

Well, Zuplr actually works as a personalized clothing assistant for all your clothing needs. What we basically do is redesign the way shopping is done. You as a shopper would tell us your clothing specifications, such as what color you prefer, your size, what occasion you would be wearing it for, the type and style you would require, the price range etc.

We then handpick four or five clothes matching your preferences and bring it to your doorstep. You can select the clothes you want from these sets. As a result, the task which would include you searching and toiling around the market to pick the perfect clothes for you is eliminated. Your shopping now becomes so much easier while you save time and utilize it for something else.

How and where did you hear about DCT Academy?

Well, as I mentioned that I worked in a manufacturing and educational industry, these needed me to interact with various products. While I was finally speculating upon building my own start up and came up with an idea for the same, I decided to build a platform on my own to convert this idea into a working prototype. After thorough research, I realized that Ruby on Rails would be the best and most cost effective tool to build such a product. Now I did not have any prior programming knowledge apart from some basic querying in SQL. So I decided to seek a tutor for myself.

On that note, I met Aniruddha in one of the Ruby Meet ups often held in Bangalore. He explained to me that he runs his own academy in Jayanagar 4th block and teaches Ruby on Rails. I was so impressed by his zeal to teach and help people like me. I knew he would be the apt person to learn from. Hence I enrolled in DCT Academy.

How has learning Ruby on Rails from DCT Academy helped you to build your Start up?

First of all, Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework. It is so easy to learn; even for a novice like myself. There are so many gems (libraries) available to build features from a scratch. Features like building login forms, dashboards, building educational and shopping portals etc. becomes unburdening which are otherwise tasking. It is really an excellent tool with a vibrant online community to help anyone with programming queries.

Talking about my experience in DCT, learning from Aniruddha has been a boon to me. He is an excellent teacher. He understands each student’s potential and requirements and teaches them accordingly. His lessons are always well planned and meticulously taught. It was only because of his constant guidance and support that I was able to build fully functional web applications.. Further it allowed me to partner with more seasoned programmers, together we are building cool features for Zuplr’s customers.

Would you like to convey some advice to young programmers and coders?

Yes, basically everyone will have some excellent ideas to build a product. But converting them into something concrete would sometimes turn out to be a bane. A product should have both a decent front end and backend. It is the backend which is the heart and brains of your application. And if you want to build an excellent product, then you should get your hands dirty and dive right into it to build it yourself. This is because only you can envision and know the nitty-gritties of your idea.

As overwhelming as it may sound, the trick lies in the notion of never giving up. There are several people like Aniruddha who would be willing to help you. Don’t be abashed in seeking their help. Persevere and soon you would surely become excellent coders.