Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows?

To get Ruby on Rails on a windows system, we would be requiring couple of software that needs to be downloaded from the internet.

  1. Rails Installer ( download )
  2. Node Js ( download for 32 bit | 64 bit )
  3. Sublime text for code editor ( download for 32 bit | 64 bit )
  4. Sqlite3 DB Browser ( download for 32 bit | 64 bit )

Rails Installer consists of the following : ruby 2 , rails 4 , bundler , git , sqlite database & devkit.

Incase your computer has an admin user, then login as admin and install, else install the software as a regular user.  Restart the computer once all 3 software is installed.

After restart follow the following steps :

STEP 1 – Open command prompt and goto c:/Sites
STEP 2 – rails new demo
STEP 3 –  from your code editor ie sublime text, goto c:/Sites/demo and open gemfile
STEP 4 – on first line change from https to http and save the file
STEP 5 – goto c:/Sites/demo and type bundle install and then hit enter

After following these steps, it will take a few minutes for all the libraries to be downloaded and installed on your computer. These steps (1-5) needs to be followed every time you start a new project.