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Mysuru, May 17-The Department of information science & Engineering had organised a 2-Day Workshop on “Ruby on Rails” in association with computer society of India (CSI) recently. The programme was inaugurated by chief guest S.G Aniruddha, Co-Founder and Trainer, DCT Academy, Bengaluru, Anupama B. Pandit, AAO, GSSSIETW, Mysuru and Reshma Banu, HOD of information science & Engineering, GSSSIETW, Mysuru.

The first session on Day-1 began with Aniruddha giving the introduction and the basics of Ruby programming language and its importance in development of Web applications form concept, design, implementation and maintenance. He illustrated the programming constructs of Ruby language by implementation of the same through simple programs. The resource persons, Preetham, Academy Development Manager, DCT Academy and Pallavi Hegde, Technical Consultant, Hewlett Packard, Bengaluru, assisted him. The afternoon session included hands on session where programs on Operators, control structures, arrays hashes function, passing arguments to functions, function overloading were implemented. The speaker highlighted benefits of Ruby programming language over other languages like C, C++, Java. He illustrated the implementation of concept of object-oriented programming in Web application through discussion on one of the popular Web portal Zomato. The session ended with questionnaire with student been given assignment for implementation of concepts taught.

The second day started with introduction to rails frame work. Rails is web application framework for Ruby programming language. Model view Controller architectural pattern was explained by Pallavi Hegde. The model directly manages the data, logic and rules of the application. A view can be any output representation of information and multiple views of the same information are possible. The controller accepts input and converts it to commands for the model or view. A Ruby Rails project titled “Fest Management System” was implemented using cloud 9IDE. The forenoon session continued with implementation of   “Fest Management System” with registration and validation of events, Object Relation Mapping and association. The participants were enlightened on how to connect dots of design-code-development, exposure to latest technology used in the industry. The workshop concluded with the valedictory function which was attended by all the participants, resource persons and faculties of the Department of Information Science and Engineering .

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